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Atomic Force Microscopy:  We have a customized Universal SPM system NTEGRA Prima --- NT-MDT equipped with the following special devices and accessories:
  1. Flow Through Liquid Cell for online measurements of liquid-solid interactions with nanoscale resolution
  2. Acoustic Force Atomic Microscopy Module for assessing mechanical properties of conjugated fibers and polymeric nanodomains
  3. Closed-Loop scanner for measuring mechanical properties of individual Nanofibers
  4. High Temperature Sample Holder to assess thermally induced transitions
  5. Electrostatic Force Microscopy module to measure electrical charge on polymeric materials
  6. Magnetic Force Microscopy module to assess magnetic signature of nanofibers embedded with magnetic nanoparticles
  7. Simultaneous Scan-by-Sample and/or Scan-by-Tip

Viscometer and rheometer on a chip (VROC) from Rheosense capable of measuring true viscosity curve of complex liquids and organic compounds

Electro-Magnetic Spinning Apparatus:  Customized electro-magnetic fiber spinning apparatus for the production of functional nanofibers  using electrical and magnetic fields

Liquid Dielectric Spectroscopy Cell: Custom made cell to perform dielectric spectroscopy in liquids and volatile polymeric solutions.

Double Couette Cylinder:  Special fixture to measure the rheological properties of low viscosity polymeric solutions.

Plasma Radiofrequency Oven:  Customized plasma oven for selective functionalization of inert polymeric surfaces. This oven can manage up mixtures of up to four gases.

UV Curing Oven:  Oven for the controlled exposure of samples to ultraviolet radiation for UV crosslinking, chemical reduction and UV induced polymerizations.

Our group extensively uses the analytical facilities available at the:

Cornell Center for Materials Research

Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center

Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility

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